1 dead after 5 high school students shot at Baltimore shopping center

1 dead after 5 high school students shot at Baltimore shopping center

Edmondson-Westside High School cancels classes Thursday, counselors to be available

I am joined by our mayor, Mayor scott, council member, council member Burnett and my Deputy Commissioner of Operations Richard World this morning. Shortly before 11:18 a.m. One of our police officers assigned to the Southwest district was actually on patrol in this very parking lot behind me, checking on this very hot spot which has had some problems and because of that, the officer had directions to be there and to check on this area. Soon as the officer drove out of the parking lot at around 11 18 Baltimore police received *** call of *** shooting with multiple individuals shot right here in the parking lot. The very same officer heard the call doubled right back was only *** short distance away was the first to arrive on the scene. Located five what we believe are juvenile males who were all shot uh suffering from various levels of gunshot injuries. In this very parking lot behind me, the officer began to render medical attention and life saving measures to multiple victims. Called for assistance. School police were very quick to arrive on the scene. Also began to render lifesaving measures in first aid to the five victims. We know that E. M. S. Came and transported all victims to local hospitals, two of whom went to shock trauma. The other three went to Sinai. What we know right now is that all five are believed to be juvenile males. We believe that there are students at Edmondson Westside High School which is right across the street and we’re in this area on their lunch break. What we have learned right now is that one of the juvenile’s at shock trauma who had the most serious injuries has succumb to his injury. And so our thoughts and prayers are certainly with that family. We are now looking for video, we’re looking for witnesses, We are looking for anything that would tell us how this happened, why this happened and who’s responsible for it. What we believe right now is that they were congregating in front of this mall, right in front of the readers and the Popeye’s, what we believe is that two shooters began to open fire at the other individuals who are all together in front of them all. What we believe right now is that those two shooters after discharging multiple rounds, fled behind the building and then made good of their escape. We do not have *** description as of yet. And so what we need right now is anyone who would have heard something or seen something to call us right away or you can do it anonymously by calling metro crime stoppers at 18667 Lock up again, we have *** very tragic incident. Five people shot one who has now lost his life over foolishness and nonsense and this did not have to happen. We talk about the prevalence of guns. We’re talking about the willingness to use them and now we’re again talking about individuals who are youthful and young being involved in either being *** victim of the shooting or pulling that trigger. And we talk about now the culture of violence, why people think they need to have *** gun and why people think they need to pull the trigger to solve their conflict. And we will keep talking about it and we will continue to do everything that we can to cure this culture of violence so that we can make sure people solve their problems in *** responsible way. But the most important thing that we can do right now is get information from anyone who knows something, who has heard something or who saw something as we call this area for all the evidence that we need to find these individuals and bring them to justice at this time. I will turn it over to our mayor thank you and I would say good afternoon, but there’s nothing good about the afternoon where another young life in our city is lost. Uh, over nothing over nonsense over stupidity. And what we should be asking right now is that everyone pray for that family, for all the victims family, for the other young men that are fighting for their lives for that school community. But then start to ask the questions why, why again are we here? Because when you talk about murder oftentimes, we, we,…

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