2021 Southern Lehigh School Board Primary: Meet the Candidates

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Editor’s Note: Saucon Source invited the 11 candidates running for four seats on the Southern Lehigh School Board to share a statement about why they are seeking election to the board and what they hope to accomplish if elected to it. All 11 have done so, and their words appear below, without any editing except that which was necessary for consistency. The purpose of this guide is to inform local voters about the candidates and their views before the May 18 primary election. With the exception of one candidate, all of the individuals profiled below are cross-filed, meaning their names will appear on both the Republican and Democratic ballots. Candidates were also invited to submit a photo of themselves as well as links to their social media pages and/or websites. If they did, we have included them below, along with their contact information. We invite and encourage all our readers who plan to vote in the primary to have a dialogue with these candidates before the election, because, as Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1789, “wherever the people are well informed they can be trusted with their own government.”

Paul Deebel (Cross-Filed) | Facebook Campaign Page

Deebel SVSBI am a parent of two children in the district. After seeing how our school board responded during the pandemic, I realized we need to have directors that will listen to the families within the district and make the best decisions for our community at a local level. Our children have suffered over the last year, educationally and mentally. If elected, I will advocate for our children–not just in the classroom, but the full school experience–ensuring we have resources not just for education but for sports, clubs and other extracurricular activities–all while keeping taxes in line. Contact: pauld.33@hotmail.com.

Tim Kearney (Cross-Filed)

Kearney SVSBShouldn’t school boards have at least ONE person serving that has school work experience? I can be that person. I am an educator (34 years). Both of our local hospital boards have at least three physicians serving, because they bring important work-related perspectives. Our board does not have that perspective. I have been an advocate for children at the local, state and national level. I supported students, listened to school communities and received recognition for community outreach as a teacher and principal. I am not one position–education is my passion. I am not a one issue campaign–this is my career. It’s not just talk–it is my walk. I have degrees from Millersville (education), Lehigh (administration) and DeSales (management certificate). Safety, health and wellness are essential. Foremost, I will work for the academic, social, emotional, mental and physical development of our children. My daughter, and every student in the district, deserves a high quality education. As a fellow taxpayer entering retirement on a fixed income, I want to support a positive climate in a fiscally responsible manner. My dad worked at Merrill Lynch for 50 years and taught me well. Contact: cbreez1840@epix.net.

Stephen Maund (Cross-Filed) | Campaign Website | Campaign Facebook Page

I’m running for school board to ensure our students are the key driver in decision-making, improve our planning for unforeseen circumstances, work to keep budgets in check and ensure our facilities are on par with current regional trends.

Full-Time School with Options – It’s critical for children to interact with others and have an in-person, day-to-day structure for a successful learning experience. Let’s put clear plans in place for our schools to function safely given the situation, and when needed, implement swiftly so that our community can adapt.

Collaborate & Plan With Transparency – Work with the Southern Lehigh community, school district administration and other stakeholders to create a plan for a successful future. Let’s work as a team on decisions that need to be made to continue moving forward.

Keep Taxes in Check – Maintain taxes at their current levels. A practical, common sense approach to budgeting and focused planning of priorities can keep our school taxes at current levels.

Facility Improvement – New facility improvements are currently planned. Let’s look further into the future to understand when outdated facilities must be replaced and consider these future costs before they spin out of control.

I appreciate your consideration on May 18.

Danelle Roy (Republican) | Campaign Facebook…

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