Davis: ‘We actually have to govern in Washington’

QUINCY — With about a week left before the June 28 primary, U.S. Rep Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, made one last campaign appearance in Quincy on Monday to tour the Knapheide Manufacturing Co.

Davis faces a primary challenge from U.S. Rep. Mary Miller, R-Oakland, who announced last week that she will hold a campaign rally at the Adams County Fairgrounds on Saturday alongside former President Donald Trump.

Although they share similar pro-life and Second Amendment stances, Davis said what separates him from his opponent is that he has a record of governing and he ensures that the country is coming up with solutions rather than just saying no.

“We actually have to govern in Washington,” Davis said.

Davis referenced his introduction of the Rural Investment in America Act, which aims to incentivize rural businesses to manufacture products that aren’t being made domestically.

“Why in the world wouldn’t we incentivize American companies to create manufacturing facilities or expand facilities to produce supply chain-critical products?” Davis asked.

Davis said he also helped to pass a student loan repayment program that incentivizes every employer in the nation to help pay down their employees’ student debt.

The voluntary, private sector program offers tax-free student loan repayment benefits, up to $5,250 annually, to employees through 2025.

“It’s not every day a program gets created that you don’t have to fight a government for or you don’t have to wait for a government to fund,” Davis said.

With a victory in June, Davis said he will be the chair of the largest subcommittee in Congress: highways and transit.

Todd Maisch, president of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, said Davis understands what employers like Knapheide need to create an environment for business to succeed.

He added that the chamber believes that 90% of every issue that’s discussed in Springfield or Washington should, as much as possible, be determined by the markets and whether the country is remaining competitive and having the best products and employees.

“That is what has made the American and the Illinois economy envies of the world,” Maisch said. “That’s why people want to come here, whether it be from Mexico or Guatemala or Ukraine.”

Davis announced endorsements from both the Illinois and U.S. chambers of commerce during his visit.

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