Eupheus Learning partners with AWS to launch ‘NEP STAR School’ initiative

Edtech startup Eupheus Learning, among India’s largest school-focused distribution platforms with a reach of over 20,000 schools, announced the ‘NEP STAR School’ along with Amazon Web Services (AWS), to enable schools to seamlessly implement digital technologies as per the government’s National Education Policy (NEP 2020). The significance of 21st century skills and overall development of learners and educators has been called out in the NEP 2020, and this vision has been instilled in Eupheus Learning’s operations since its inception in 2017.

Under the initiative, the company aims to create a 21st century learning environment for 400 schools across more than 110 cities in the pilot stage. All participating schools will receive hands-on support to improve learning outcomes, improve efficacy of school operations via technology, and create benchmarks for other schools in the usage of technology in teaching, learning and administration aspects of school management.

“The NEP STAR School initiative aims at upgradation for schools on multiple levels – learners will benefit from integrated content and educators with teaching aid, technology will enable play-based and experiential content, and automation will help create efficiency around routine tasks like marking attendance of students and assigning homework,” said Sarvesh Srivastava, Founder and Managing Director, Eupheus Learning.

The initiative aims at eventually enabling 7,500+ user schools of Eupheus Learning with a unified platform comprising content, Learning Management System (LMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) on a single sign-on. Further, Eupheus is taking a leap in providing an integrated one-point solution, making lives easier for each stakeholder – students, teachers, school management, and parents.

“Importantly, the initiative will help achieve a more positive impact on the learning outcomes through an integrated progress report for students, rather than relying only on assessments and examinations. Working with AWS will help schools to gain from the world’s broadest and deepest set of cloud technologies, and industry-leading security and operational expertise,” added Sarvesh.

Key Mandates under NEP 2020 for Schools

1. Digitization is critical. Technology should automate routine and administrative tasks so that educators focus on quality of education, thereby leading to improved learning outcomes for students.

2. No distinction between curricular/ co-curricular/ extra-curricular learning/content.

3. Emphasis on 21 st Century Learning –embedding ‘creativity’, ‘critical thinking’, ‘communication’ and ‘collaboration’ from early years.

4. Focus on play-based and experiential learning promoting overall development rather than rote-learning.

5. Assessments/ examinations/ report cards to be transformed to progress report.

Eupheus Learning offers not just one of the largest content offerings for schools, including curricular and supplemental content, but also provides a platform which enhances learning outcomes while automating the school operating system. Powering Eupheus Learning’s platform are a range of cloud services from AWS.

The platform’s operating system (OS), learning environment, and financial system run on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), which offers scalable compute capacity, while SchoolMitra, which provides schools an easy-to-use web and mobile application leverages Amazon Cognito for authentication, authorization, and user identity management. Amazon CloudFront, a content delivery network (CDN) service built for high performance, security, and developer convenience, powers the content delivery for Eupheus Learning, while Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) provides a scalable, secure and cost-effective service for all the mobile application notifications sent by the platform to its users.

“By participating in the NEP STAR School initiative, schools can leverage digital technologies to develop more immersive and engaging learning experiences for their students and teachers, enable smarter decision-making, and run administration operations more effectively and efficiently,” said Sunil PP, Lead—Education, Space, and Nonprofits, Amazon Internet Services Private Limited, AWS India and South Asia.

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