Gilmore Girls: 10 Things The Show Got Wrong About College

In the fourth season of Gilmore Girls, Rory started her new life as an independent college student living away from the comfort of her mother, Lorelai. Attending Yale University, Rory set her sights on becoming a future journalist and making something of herself.

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Being at Yale meant that Rory was continuing the Gilmore legacy and making her grandparents proud. She was also only 30 minutes from home, which allowed her plenty of time to be with her mom and the people of Stars Hollow. But as fun as it was watching Rory spread her wings as a young adult in college, there were plenty of things that fans found to be unrealistic during her time at Yale. 

10 College Freshmen Usually Know Who They’re Rooming With

rorys dorm room at yale - gilmore girls

On Rory’s first day at Yale, she is shocked to find out that Paris was her roommate. She had no idea that Paris was attending Yale, let alone rooming with her. Paris made sure to room with Rory and saved the news for move-in day. However, most students who live on campus find out who they’re rooming with weeks before orientation. This way, potential roommates have time to get to know each other and plan their dorms accordingly. Not knowing who she was rooming with wasn’t quite realistic unless Rory skipped her emails. 

9 Where Was All The Diversity?


Yale is an Ivy League institution and one of the most sought-after universities in the world. Knowing this, it’s shocking that most of the extras on Yale’s fictional campus were Caucasian. According to Data USA, 99% of students at Yale are full-time students and 15.1% of the population are Asian, 10.4% are Hispanic, and 6.01% are African American. Not seeing enough diversity in Gilmore Girls—especially at a popular university like Yale—was disappointing. 

8 Richard As A Professor

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