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Panaji: Over the last three years, Adhyayan Foundation has been working in collaboration with the Goa government to improve the teaching-learning processes in government primary schools across the state. During the pandemic, Adhyayan Foundation also helped the directorate of education train close to 10,000 teachers in use of softwares for online teaching.
Having worked with government schools in multiple states, and currently engaged with state schools in Goa, Tripura and Arunachal Pradesh, the co-founder of Adhyayan Foundation, Kavita Anand, said that Goa is the only state where online teaching is taking place pan-state throughout the period of the pandemic.
She said that in most other states the efforts can be described as sporadic at best, yet teachers in Goa have not received enough appreciation for their sustained efforts.
“No other state has been able to do it. Some have done it sporadically, some are still doing trials with technologies or just telecasting TV programmes. But teachers in no other state have ensured that they have reached out to each child,” Anand said.
Anand said that many primary teachers in Goa were engaging with students even during vacations.
“In India, it is a major crisis, where children have not been in school for 15 months now and 90% children are only getting a WhatsApp message. In that circumstance, schools in Goa have been working right through the year in secondary and higher secondary schools. These are the best teachers in India today for the commitment they have shown,” Anand said.
She said that at an individual level teachers are presently going through a struggle on multiple levels.
“It is very difficult as your whole family can hear you teaching, you have to manage learning of your own child at home, you have to manage your house work and your family’s ill-health. Many are also new to the teaching softwares,” said Anand.
Goa was also the only state which held its Class X and XII state board exams during the pandemic in 2020 with the help of teachers.
“Everywhere in the country students have been left to their own devices. In these circumstances, we are proud of the teachers in Goa and Goans need to be proud of them. But we see that the expectations from teachers in Goa are abnormally high and all the teachers get is criticism. If they are only put down despite their tremendous efforts, it will be highly demotivating for the teachers. They need our appreciation,” said Anand, told TOI.

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