How to pick the right edtech platform for your kid

Like every other sector, education was also hit by the pandemic, with schools going online and 1.2 billion children across the world staying out of the classroom. As a result, education has changed dramatically in the meanwhile, with a surge in e-learning and edtech. Going by current circumstances, it is evident that digital learning is here to stay for a longer period.

“Technology and digital education solutions have eliminated many of the access barriers to quality learning, leveling the playing field. The world’s best educators and universities are now available to everyone at the click of a mouse. You can even now get certifications and alumni benefits from top global universities online,” John Kallelil, Founder & CEO, XED said.

“The biggest benefit of Digital learning solutions has been bridging the gap between the urban & rural education environment. Digital education solutions also proves to be a great asset in terms of tracking student’s progress closely including attendance, examination results, individual assessments etc,” Kiran Dham, CEO Globus Infocom said.

Digital learning provides many advantages through interactive and fun learning, said Maninder Singh Bajwa, CEO and Founder, iScuela. “These digital platforms give access to personalised, adaptive, and anywhere-anytime learning. With the right platform, the engagement of students can be healthy and easy to track student progress with data. It also has the potential to Involve parents in the student’s learning journey,” Bajwa added.

But with many Ed-tech firms riding the pandemic waves to dominate the online education market, students and parents are flooded with online education options and marketing blitzkrieg. Parents are facing the dilemma of how to choose the best ed-tech platform for their kids. The explosion in the edtech sector has also given rise to the fear of FOMO among parents, often making it hard for them to pick the right option or decide whether their kids need it or not.

Here are a few things that can help you choose the right platform for your kid:

Compatibility and Accessibility:
It is important that the edtech platform is technically compatible with the digital systems that the kid is going to use. The operating system should have all the necessary plugins and updates to enable a high-quality learning experience. Students should also consider things like access to different electronic devices. It’s important that you should be able to access the platform even when offline.

Customisation and Personalisation:
While choosing the right ed-tech platform for your kid, ‘one size fits all’ is not the correct approach. You should base your decision on what works for you, not what is trendy, expensive, or chosen by your friends and relatives. Consider the course content, delivery, feedback mechanism, and instructor ratings to make a wise decision.

“Kids and students should keep in mind whether the platform is able to personalise the student’s learning journey or not. How adaptive or engaging is the platform to each student? Is the platform just about watching some videos and attempting multiple-choice questions or is it interactive and uses different techniques to engage the student. What happens when the student has doubts, does the edTech platform have provisions for doubt resolution. How does the platform use gamification to make it fun for your child to learn, if it’s monotonous after buying the platform, your kid could get bored very quickly and not use it at all. Look for value for money, expensive is not always the best,” Maninder Singh Bajwa, CEO and Founder, iScuela said.

Read financial details carefully:

Always read the payment and refund terms very carefully. Some EdTech companies offer a ‘Free’ model, wherein several services are offered for free initially, but later to gain access, students have to subscribe to a paid service or in-app purchases.

Don’t hesitate to clear all your doubts before subscribing to the new service. Also, ensure the company provides you with a payment receipt or tax invoice.


Even with the best digital learning platforms, nothing can replace the direct face-to-face classroom experience. It’s critical to review the feedback feature of the platform before buying it. The platform should offer both the inside and outside classroom feedback mechanism.

Privacy and Security

Like every other online medium, there is always a risk of various malware, spyware & phishing threats….

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