Judge Won’t Block NYU Suspension of Freshman Over Party Selfie

A 19-year-old freshman at New York University who was pictured on social media not wearing a mask at a dinner party can’t overturn her semester-long suspension for allegedly violating the school’s Covid-19 policies, a judge ruled.

The student, who sued as “Jane Doe” to keep her identity from becoming public, is a Californian who lived at NYU in an on-campus dorm. She had been twice reported for possible violations of the Covid policies, though not found responsible. She claimed NYU failed to communicate to her that its rules applied outside NYU facilities.

“Put simply and charitably, the Court finds Doe’s arguments unpersuasive,” U.S. District Judge Sidney Stein said in an opinion Wednesday denying the student’s bid for an injunction to block the suspension. “The university repeatedly communicated, in no uncertain terms, the off-campus applicability of its policies. NYU further left no doubt that attendance at such a gathering would ‘likely’ result in a one-semester suspension.”

Doe was turned in by an anonymous fellow student who told university authorities that he or she “saw some peers of mine the other night having an indoor unmasked gathering of what looks like to be at least 7-8 people via someone’s post on a Snapchat story.” Stein said NYU took “extensive steps” to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus at the school while allowing for in-person instruction.

“The photo depicts Doe and three other students packed tightly together indoors, posing for a selfie,” Stein said. “Multiple other students are visible in the background, with no evidence of masks or social distancing.”

All four were suspended by NYU.

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News Read More: Judge Won’t Block NYU Suspension of Freshman Over Party Selfie

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