Lenovo LanSchool Air Solves Classroom Management Challenges for Teachers

Well-Suited for the Hybrid Learning Environment

While no one could have predicted the events of 2020, a year when so many state and local leaders would order their schools closed in response to a global pandemic, LanSchool Air was already a mature product, easily able to handle the challenges of a variety of technical environments.

Coby Gurr, general manager of Lenovo Software, recently shared with me some of LanSchool’s most significant updates since my 2017 review, focusing mainly on LanSchool Air.

With LanSchool, teachers can choose whether to view all student screens or individual ones. Being able to see a student’s screen and direct his or her learning is important in the classroom, but even more so when students are learning remotely.

Gurr says this feature is critical because it gives teachers a better picture of how students are engaging with the lesson. “Gone are the days of needing to walk around and stand behind the screen to see what the students are doing,” he says.

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Creating the Best Learning Environment

Gurr recalls a conversation he had with a sixth-grade teacher who was teaching writing. She attributed her success to LanSchool Air: Because she could view her students’ screens, she noticed that some students were having challenges. In response, she made adjustments without having to interrupt the class flow. Being able to reach out to a student and say, “Hey, let me help you with this” or “Let me separate you into a breakout group later on Microsoft Teams for that” has been a big factor in her school’s success, Gurr says.

While this function is available for all computers on a teacher’s network through LanSchool Classic, LanSchool Air allows teachers to view all computers anywhere they are connected to the internet.

One important responsibility of a teacher is to create the best learning environment possible. This is a tall order when teaching in person, and it’s even more challenging in a hybrid learning environment. With this in mind, the Web Limiting feature allows teachers to limit online access to approved websites and disable internet access during tests and quizzes. Imagine being able to instantly launch the same website on every device to ensure students are on task.

LanSchool Air’s screen sharing feature enables teachers to help students focus on relevant information by letting them share their screens across all student devices. This is great for capturing attention and streamlining lesson delivery.

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