NYU students frightened over rash of creepy NYC dorm intruders

Brazen interlopers have repeatedly slipped past security at New York University dorms — and in one case crept into a student’s room and watched her sleep.

On Nov. 20, an intruder jumped a turnstile in front of a guard and trailed 20-year-old junior Khafira Freeman, who unsuccessfully tried to hide from the stalker in the building’s laundry room before fleeing to her own room.

Earlier that week, a stranger entered a freshman’s dorm room while she was asleep, yet evaded an eight-hour manhunt by security, the student-run Washington Square News reported. Another individual managed to sneak into two separate dorms on Nov. 1, the paper noted. No students were harmed in any of the incidents.

“Now I’m in this small group of so-to-say victims,” Freeman told The Post, adding that she began therapy following her terrifying encounter. “It’s like, okay, how many more before something [serious] happens?”

Police and campus security records show reports of trespassing at dorms on at least four occasions in November.

Entrance to an NYU dorm
One creep jumped a turnstile before stalking a student up to her dorm’s laundry room.
Helayne Seidman for NY Post

Students are required to tap an ID on turnstiles to enter their residence halls or can have their IDs scanned by a guard and show their Covid-compliance pass to be let through. WSN noted that in one case, a trespasser may have entered the building through a loading dock.

“I almost feel safer not living in a dorm,” said Ishi Gupta, a 21-year-old senior who now lives in an off-campus apartment. “NYU students are paying so much tuition and the dorms are so expensive, and to not feel safe in them is kind of unacceptable.”

Yearly tuition and housing at NYU run a whopping $78,440.

“I wish NYU would give us more of a protocol to follow if people break in,” similar to how they have safety procedures in case of fires, said freshman Alexis Bardy, 18. She said she was “moderately scared” in October when an outsider managed to follow her and her roommate to their floor.

NYU spokesman John Beckman said that university president Andrew Hamilton has ordered a review of residence hall security protocol in light of the recent rash of trespassers.

“These are our students’ homes, and our aim is for students to feel safe and secure in them,” he said. 

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