Opening of new JCPS elementary school delayed after it failed inspection

Opening of new JCPS elementary school delayed after it failed inspection

go ahead and take any questions you have. So what is this? Is there space in Watson Lane to accommodate the Watson Lane and 1% students? Yeah. Right now we have the space to accommodate all of our students. I think it’s about 540 ISH. Um, and so we really notified the principal yesterday to get looking at space classroom space to make sure we had one for every teacher, which she indicates that we do. So we feel confident Um, that we’re able to hold that use that building as *** swing space, so to speak for at least *** couple of weeks before we get the new space ready to replace $17 million. Yeah, well it’s frustrating because you see the new building and how beautiful it looks. You know, the modern space that’s in there, the natural lighting, all the things that we are pushing for that you really want to have for opening day of school. I mean the excitement of it, but it’s just not in the cards on this one. You know, we knew that when I went and visited in the spring, you know, that um, although we were told it was gonna be open, I knew they had *** lot of work to do to get there. Um, so unfortunately as of last week we thought it was gonna be open and ready to go speaking with the contractors, but the roof issues and the rain caused *** lot of problems. So you know, it’s, it’s *** little bit frustrating but you know, we’ll have *** opening of the new building in *** couple of weeks and we’ll be excited about that. Last time I talked to the contractor was last friday after the first failed inspection was told they would be it was either thursday or friday exact but was told that there would be working around the clock through the weekend to get it done. The roofers Carlin roofing would have everything they needed. We got an update about mid week and that said the progress was really good that it looked like it would be opened up. So as of even sunday we thought we would be opening up and ready to go. But then uh the certificate of occupancy from um you know the inspector did not go as well as as we wanted obviously. So um I have not spoken to the contractor today, I’m letting the lawyers deal with the specifics of the contract and what penalties will be put into place for that. I think there’s some clauses in the contract that states that you know, it’s not necessarily as much money back for us. We just want the kids to be in the school but we are frustrated in the delays that have been caused by this. So we’re looking at all of our options, what’s it gonna take to get everything moved over to watch in this short amount of time and be up and ready for the first day of school. Sounds like there’s *** lot, yeah, I mean the main thing was to make sure that the school was clean, ready to go, desk were in place, all of those things. Um and so *** lot of that was still there from last year. So we’re confident that the school will be ready to go on the first day. It’s not gonna be ideal because teachers are not going to be spending inordinate amount of time preparing *** classroom that they’re only gonna be in for *** couple of weeks and then they’re on top of that they’re gonna move and then have to go into the new building and prepare those classrooms. So it’s gonna be an ongoing process. That’s the frustrating part of it. But I think, you know, the great news is for the kids within *** couple of weeks they’re gonna be in the older building and me moving into this brand new building, that’s just fantastic. So I think there’s *** lot to look forward to, although there’s frustration and there’s *** lot to look forward to. We believe the contractor or excuse me, we believe the inspector will be coming back at some point late next week to see progress about it. But at this point we are counting on about *** two week period of our students being in the swing space of Watson lane and then hopefully after that, you know, from what I see, they should be fixable things that should happen within two weeks. So I think we’ll know *** lot more when the inspector comes next week as to whether it’s good to go and then we just plan on *** moving date, you know how, how we’re gonna do that,…

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