Stanford Women Won National Title For Previous Teams That Didn’t Sports –

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Stanford women won national title for past teams that didn’t | Sports kAm“xE >62?D 6G6CJE9:?8[” (:88:?D D2:5 @7 D66:?8 $E2?7@C5 4@>6 E9C@F89 E9:D E:>6]k^Am

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kAm“x 2=D@ H2?E E@ 255 x 766= =:<6 :E H2D H@CE9 :E 8@:?8 E@ A=2J E9@D6 A:46D]”k^Am kAm’2?s6CG66C D92C65 96C 5:D2AA@:?E>6?E 😕 E96:C 49@:46D — 2?5 96C 9FCE]k^Am

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