Student uses coding skills to make positive impact at Visalia middle school

VISALIA, Calif. (KSEE) – A middle student in Visalia demonstrates outstanding citizenship, one of the six pillars of character.

His teacher says he applies his advanced knowledge of computers and technology to make a difference at school.

At Global Learning Charter School, 7th grader Arseniy Bertholf is always looking for solutions.

During the school year, he spoke with his teacher and administrators multiple times when he noticed issues with vandalism at the school or something that needed to be repaired.

“I think it helped to make my voice heard and maybe a few other kids’ voices heard,” explained Arseniy.

Arseniy spends a lot of time learning computer coding and suggested that the school district lift some restrictions on educational websites that could not be accessed by the student body. His teacher says his citizenship in the classroom and online is impressive, especially for a middle schooler.

“Arseniy is always thinking about ways to make things better and his brain is just always processing, solving problems. And so for him, he is always coming up with ideas on hey we have this problem, and can we maybe come up with a solution like this,” said 7th-grade teacher Amy Downs.

Arseniy says knowledge is power and should be used to make a positive impact.

“Use your coding knowledge for good instead,” Arseniy said.

“Whether it is a discussion in class, interjecting his background knowledge because he reads wildly, he is very articulate in expressing his thoughts and the content of his knowledge,” said Downs.

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