Study Finds that Cambridge International Students Enrolled at Arizona State

ASU students who participated in the Cambridge International program in high school had higher average SAT and ACT scores compared to both state and national averages.

WASHINGTON, Aug. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cambridge International, the world’s largest provider of international education programs and part of the University of Cambridge, and Arizona State University, have released new findings about the impact of Cambridge Pre-Advanced (IGCSE) on college preparation and first year performance at Arizona State University (ASU).

Cambridge Assessment International Education Logo (PRNewsfoto/Cambridge International)

Cambridge Assessment International Education Logo (PRNewsfoto/Cambridge International)

New findings from a study by Cambridge International and Arizona State University, “Cambridge IGCSE Performance and First Year Performance at Arizona State University,” show that students who took the Cambridge Pre-Advanced IGCSE high school program demonstrated higher average SAT and ACT scores compared to both the state and national average, with the average SAT and ACT score being 1255 and 24.0 respectively for Cambridge students. This research highlights findings on 924 high school students who participated in Cambridge International programs between 2011 and 2018 and enrolled at ASU. Of the 924 high school students, 50% of students identified as Hispanic/Latino.

The Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is the world’s most popular international qualification for 14- to 16-year-olds, offering over 70 course subjects for schools to choose from. Cambridge IGCSE is popular among schools in Arizona because it provides the preparation all students need for advanced coursework in high school, first-year college coursework, or dual enrollment. Further, in Arizona, students can earn the Grand Canyon High School Diploma by taking Cambridge IGCSE courses.

“ASU is steadfast in our commitment to improving the college-readiness of Arizona high school students. We are encouraged by the results to date from Arizona students who have participated in Cambridge International’s college preparation curriculum,” said Kent Hopkins, Vice President of Academic Enterprise Enrollment at ASU. “Developing research fundamentals and critical thinking, as well as exposure to interdisciplinary learning, helps students gain skills that prepare them to succeed at a major research university like ASU. The development of these skills is core to the Cambridge curriculum.”

Other key findings included:

  • The combination of high school GPA and performance on Grand Canyon Diploma subjects (American History, History, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and First Language English) was a good predictor of credit hours completed, first semester GPA, and first year GPA at ASU.

  • IGCSE Mathematics was a good predictor of first year college math performance. Students who have higher IGCSE Mathematics grades tend to perform stronger in their college math courses.

“Too many students who graduate from high school are unprepared for college, so we are very pleased to see that our Cambridge programs demonstrate college readiness for Arizona students,” said Mark Cavone, Regional Director of Cambridge International in North America. “Our program produces well-rounded students who are prepared for Arizona higher education institutions, and challenges students to meet their full potential.”

The Cambridge IGCSE Performance and First Year Performance at Arizona State University study was a joint effort by the two organizations: Cambridge International and Arizona State University. Since Cambridge International launched its first partnership with Arizona schools in 2010, nearly 19,000 Arizona high school students have taken assessments for Cambridge Advanced (AS Level and A Level) and Pre-Advanced (IGCSE). By mastering Cambridge IGCSE courses, a student can earn the Grand Canyon High School Diploma, meaning that a student has mastered the material and is academically prepared to take college level courses without remediation. The Grand Canyon High School Diploma is available to any Arizona student who demonstrates college and career readiness in all core subject areas of English, mathematics, science, history and the arts before they leave high school.

Cambridge International offers a fully integrated and flexible K-12 educational system, known as the Cambridge Pathway, that brings together globally recognized teaching and learning with meaningful assessments that measure student mastery. Further, over 850 universities in…

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