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Education systems that have taken a metered approach towards spending for instruction materials are also using this methodology to procure online education intervention solutions.

Estimates put the overall global Online Tutoring Market at 6.52 Billion in 2021, and experts believe that number could reach over 19 Billion a year by 2030.

And while online education intervention solutions provide much-needed services, Doug Roberts, Founder and CEO of The Institute for Education Innovation, wonders if this practice will stick once education pandemic relief funds wind down.

Doug’s Thoughts

“Here’s a trend I’m seeing. This trend is the first time I’ve seen a business model for procuring a product talking specifically about the purchasing procurement model, change so dramatically. We’re seeing a ton of districts choose to go with a metered spending approach on intervention solutions, particularly solutions involving live tutors, virtual tutors, onsite tutors, and sometimes intervention by text messaging back and forth between kids and tutors, or live video tutoring.

You’re seeing districts really shift how they purchase instructional materials in this way. It’s a new model that has come up through the pandemic as a way to address so-called learning and to address the gaps that show up between various kids and in many cases, to address gaps related to equity, the kind of resources available to kids in some districts versus others.

You’re seeing districts adopt these solutions en masse. What will happen when the fiscal cliff comes in 2024, the fall of 2024? How many of these solutions will survive? How many of these districts will continue to do this kind of work? Or will they go back to the type of annual license model?

That’s an innovation that I’m watching. And here at IEI, we run the Supes’ Choice Awards to get some of the best district leaders in the country to review these solutions, innovations, and models and provide industry feedback about which will be most effective for kids.

You can learn more about Supes’ Choice at We start taking applications in the summer of 2023.”

Article by James Kent




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