Yale doctor says it’s too soon to remove masks; many more need to be vaccinated

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The most popular question related to COVID-19 in recent days is over whether there is an end in sight for wearing masks. Yale Medicine‘s Dr. Richard Martinello, says not just yet. He says we still have a good amount of COVID-19 circulating in our community.

“While we’re leading the nation in our vaccination rate we know that our vaccination rate is still not where we need to be for us to really control COVID in our community to be able to stop using those masks indoors,” says Dr. Martinello.

He says we are going to get there but we are not where we need to be right now. Dr. Martinello says the more people who get vaccinated the better we’ll do now with controlling COVID-19 in our community, through things like masks, the quicker Connecticut will get there. He says vaccines and even side effects take us closer.

“While people may feel down for about a day or two after vaccination they bounce right back and then they’re protected against COVID.”

He weighed in on our major unvaccinated population, those under the age of 16. Vaccinating them will create a safer community for all of us, allowing us control covid in our community much better.

As for herd immunity, the doctor says numbers of 70 to 90 percent vaccinated are usually thought of as providing that protection. He says it’s important to remember this.

“Herd immunity is really a concept. It’s not a black and white issue. It’s not as if we won’t have herd immunity at 75 percent but if we get to 78 percent we’ll have it.”

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